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ORVARR of the Shark-rider pirate
ORVARR of the Shark-rider pirate

Time spend : 3 day
Tool : photo shop

ORVARR of the Shark Rider Pirate
In a world where 99% is water. the main Jobs people have is Fisher, Builder, and Pirate. Shark rider pirate was from the Creed-land where it is only 1 out of 5 places in the world you can find wood and tree. The crew starts from a gathering of Normal Shark hunters call " ZEN" in the earlier age of the new invention of a thing called "BOAT". Since most of the crews were average Shark Hunters, They were known as the most friendly group on the sea. Time goes by and there are now more boats than a person, it leads up to an age of piracy in which The crews have to change their group name to a "shark rider" and they have to use sharks as their companions and weapon. They have to change their image to be a terrifying crew so when they caught the largest Shark in the sea. It was placed in the front as a trophy and terrified all the enemy. They also make their ship larger by placing their original ship on to the larger ship.

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